World 1st Authentication solution using Hand Written signature with hidden signature function

What is FinoSign?

  • Signature has been a convenient and conventional authentication method for documentation for long time.
  • FinoSign is a biometric identification technique which uses a personal handwritten signature.
  • FinoSign is easy to use and safe solution for digital contract, document and authentication.

Characteristics of FinoSign

  • Applying unique personal characteristics
    Real-time input flow generates dynamic information such as pattern, speed, number of turns and strokes, pressure and sequence
  • Hard to imitate
    Verification of the Signature needs to pass 8 parameter tests. Imitation of Signature is almost impossible
  • Security level setting
    Client can set accuracy levels of signatures for various application purposes

Verification technique

To get reliable and accurate verification results, FinoSign applies a parallel processing technique using 8 dynamic signature information

  • Sequence
  • Pressure
  • Direction
  • Coordinate
  • Time
  • Touch
  • Speed
  • Final

Hidden Signature Function

  • Benefit of handwritten Signature : Ease and Convenient to use
  • Issue of handwritten Signature for authentication : signature can be imitated by copying a printed signature
  • Finotek’s solution
    - Verification with two handwriting signatures.
    - The Signature in visible area is used for real document
    - The Signature in invisible area is used for double check identification